Theatrical Cabaret Belly Dance Vaudeville & Belly-esque Fusion

Ya Halla Y'all Peoples' Choice Best Tribal/Alternative Solist, 2010

Breakthrough Fusion Competition Champion, 2011

Project Bellydance's Finalist

elcome to Belly Dance by Karolina Lux! Karolina Lux is a professional belly dancer from the San Francisco Bay Area, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. This versatile artist, performs with a variety of traditional, theatrical, and fusion groups, and represents belly dance in contexts as diverse as Moroccan restaurants, grand theaters, to vaudeville tours, and burlesque revues. Karolina is a dancer and musician for Vagabond Opera, the NorthWest's premier Eastern European cabaret experience! She also runs Sepiatonic, the theatrical belly dance network, and visual component for Vagabond Opera. (For more information, please see or Karolina has over eight years of experience performing, choreographing, competing in, and teaching many styles of belly dance on DVDs and in festivals, tours, and schools across the country. She has studied with some of the greatest classic dancers, and also is excited to push belly dance to new experimental realms in her ongoing exploration of tribal belly dance and fusion performances. Karolina has danced (and sang and played along on trumpet and vocals) to music ranging from traditional Middle Eastern music, Mediterranean groove, to hip-hop, jazz, and blues. Karolina is available for hire as a Middle Eastern belly dancer, tribal fusion belly dancer, or vaudeville Belly-esque fusion belly dancer. She is excited to perform and teach with sword, veil, zills (finger cymbals), canes, fan veil, and other dynamic props in any aesthetic. Karolina also teaches workshops, private lessons, and classes, and has educated at festivals, studios, and parties across the country. Please explore the site to learn more about styles of belly dance, or to contact Karolina for booking.

Theatrical Cabaret

Vaudeville & Belly-esque Fusion

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